As we all know, Great Britain is a full of different terrains, weather and obstacles – many of which are not that friendly to a bicycle aiming to travel quite a long way!

In light of this, we have tried to plan the best and most accessible route possible. However the route is still up for tweaking as we move towards the ride.

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22.9.21 – At the moment we are having trouble displaying the route directly on the page, so for the moment please click on the link below to see the route.

The route is being updated all the time by our fabulous team. We have had such an amazing outpouring of support and advice regarding the route and travelling through each area.

If you have any thoughts about the route and any ways we can improve it, please do let us know. Also, If you know of any good bike paths, quiet roads or great café stops on the route/ nearby, please do shout!

The aim is to create as quiet, pleasurable and safe a route as possible.

Below is the Live Log!

The rough day-by-day plan!

Day 1 – 20th Oct – Newton Abbot to Taunton- 54 miles

We will be leaving from Newton Abbot Clocktower at 10am and we will be gathering down there from 9.30am onwards. (start pushed back due to poor weather forecast)

Day 2 – 21st Oct – Taunton to Portishead – 60 miles

Day 3 – 22nd Oct – Portishead to Tewksbury – 63 miles

Day 4 – 23rd Oct – Rest Day

Day 5 – 24th Oct – Tewkesbury to Telford – 70 miles

Day 6 – 25th Oct – Telford to Warrington – 71 miles

Day 7 – 26th Oct – Warrington to Lancaster – 67 miles

Day 8 – 27th Oct – Rest Day

Day 9 – 28th Oct – Lancaster to Penrith – 56 miles

Day 10 – 29th Oct – Penrith to Moffatt – 69 miles

Day 11 – 30th Oct – Moffatt to Hamilton – 50 miles

Day 12 – 31st – Hamilton to East Kilbride (meeting other groups cycling to COP26 along the way) then onto Glasgow – between 15 and 25 miles

We urge those joining the ride or supporting in other ways to use public transport where possible if travelling to the ride. To aid this, many of the big stops on route have good public transport access such as trains.

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