The Adventure Syndicate

In partnership with People Pedal Power

Who are they?

The Adventure Syndicate are a not-for-profit organisation who use the inspiring stories of women and underrepresented groups adventuring by bike to inspire, encourage and enable in the outdoors and adventure. Importantly, by being open and honest about our own limitations, vulnerabilities and failures, we aim to promote equity, sustainability and health through adventure. We are passionate collaborators and believe whole-heartedly in the strength and power to be found in mutually cooperative and considerate groups who strive to focus on the greater good rather than aim for personal success.

The Plan

Cargo Bike Relay

The Adventure Syndicate will support the movement by ride alongside on a cargo bike and carrying everything that will be needed to be self-sufficient. Continuing the legacy of Resolution Race, the cargo bike will be ridden by different members of The Adventure Syndicate family as a relay alongside the movement as it travels up the country.

The cargo bike will not only provide physical support, but will also tangibly represent one of the viable solutions to developing a more sustainable transport system; after all, this journey is not just about highlighting what is wrong, but also about demonstrating solutions.

Credit: James Robertson

The Film –

The Adventure Syndicate will support the journey by producing a feature length film to showcase the power of the movement and the stories of those involved. Young people, underrepresented groups and climate experts will be invited and encouraged to join for a few miles of the #Ride2COP26 route to create a diverse collection of people and stories that cannot be ignored.

Adventure Syndicate filmmaker Catherine Dunn will document the journey and capture these conversations as they unfold. The film will not follow the traditional hero’s journey, but instead focus on the power that can be sought from collective action, collaboration, trust and the voices of the future. Catherine will work with Jessie to co-produce the film to produce a powerful piece which reflects the values of the mission and youth voice. 

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