The mission

We are in a climate emergency, yet our leaders and big corporations are failing to treat it like one. At every summit, meeting and event which is supposed to discuss and put into place stringent climate legislation and targets, drastic action is very rarely taken. And if taken at the time, the likelihood of it being followed through is very small. The truth is, we live in a society where leaders often put profit over people. This means that every COP has been unable to create the change our climate desperately needs. This summit must be the turning point for political action and cultural change.

For so long these conferences have been mainly populated by adults, many of whom the climate crisis won’t drastically affect in their lifetime. The youth are rarely a part of these talks despite the impacts of climate and ecological breakdown impacting them the most.

Why Cycle?

As a youth Activist I wanted to travel to COP26 to highlight the need for more diverse decision makers at the summit. Ironically, the two easiest and cheapest ways for me to get there, was to fly or go by car, with other (less polluting) modes of transport being far more complex and expensive. This reinforced to me the extent that our society and transport systems are inextricably reliant on fossil fuels. This sparked the idea for ‘People pedal Power’…

I wanted to find a way to get to the COP that was purely powered by myself. Bearing in mind that COP6 is being held in Scotland in the Great British Autumn, and is 570 miles away from my home in South Devon , I needed to find a way to get there relatively quickly and efficiently. It was then that I settled on the idea of cycling: Large distances can be covered in rain or shine and is far more direct than any other ‘human powered’ modes of transport.

To me, cycling is a very community orientated mode of travel. This perfectly fitted my visions of #ride2COP26 as it gives space for as many individuals to join the ride, gathering force and power, the more who join and the louder our demands are.

The mission is welcome to all bikes and human powered transport! From electric, to cargo bikes and so much more, we want to highlight the power of people-powered travel! This message is perfectly encapsulated by our partnership with the amazing Adventure Syndicate! They will be helping support the mission by creating a relay of cargo bikes to help carry all our equipment, showing that even big journey’s don’t always need a car!

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