Key information

Think of People Pedal Power as a ‘tag team’ of people riding towards the COP, making as much noise therefore putting as much pressure as possible on the changemakers within.

It doesn’t matter how far you can ride, all we need is for you to:

  • Bring your voice
  • Bring both OPTIMISM (for the world you want to see) and OUTRAGE (for the things that aren’t being done) **
  • Get pedalling!

* Please see ROUTE page for logistics and further information

1) The Route will start in South Devon on the 20th October and we will arrive in Glasgow on the 31st. On the last day, we will link up with other walking and cycling groups who have made their way to COP. Our aim is to create one force of people moving into the city together, demanding Climate action.

2) Covering between 50-70 miles per day, we will wind our way up the west side of the UK following a similar route to that of LEJOG (Lands End John o’ Groats).

3) Spearheaded by Jessie, along each part of the journey people can join the movement for between 1 miles up to a whole day, as it passes their area. The aim is to create a joyful, positive ride based on reinforcing the need for sustainable transport and climate action from our leaders.

4) If you can’t directly join the ride, no fear! We still need you to help ‘shout’ for us, and with us!

You can do this by:

  • Sharing the movement on social media and using #ride2COP26
  • Telling anybody and everybody about us!
  • Contacting if you can help in any way regarding brand collaboration, sponsorship, accommodation and connecting us with your local media.
  • Coming out to cheer on the ride if it passes near you – we will certainly need lots of moral support!


As we are all aware, the Pandemic is still very much prominent in our daily lives. In order to make the movement as safe and impactful as possible, we kindly ask that all who will be joining take the necessary precautions.

These include:

  • Consider taking a Lateral Flow test before coming
  • Avoiding coming if you have any symptoms of Covid 19
  • Social distancing

The Day By Day plan

On each morning of the ride, we will aim to leave our stating place by 9.30ish. This will all be communicated via social media and the website.

On the website, we will also have a live tracker which will be giving our location in real-time.

Specific starting places will be added to the route in the next few days.

Our pace will be around 10-12 miles per hour so as to make it as mentally and physically sustainable as possible.

Sound good to you? Find out how to get in touch via the Contact page

** The fabulous concept of bringing both Optimism and Outrage to the Climate movement is coined by the great podcast ‘Outrage and Optimism’ !

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