Why COP26?

COP26 (Conference of Parties) is the 26th global Climate summit that will be held in Glasgow in November 2021 (31st Oct-12th November). It is a summit in which world leaders, businesses, corporations and organisations all join together to discuss climate change, action and a path forward.

We are in the midst of climate and ecological breakdown , and so it is imperative that drastic action is taken at this COP. For so long, COP’s have been a place of little action, political ‘head butting’ and empty promises. What’s more, the average individual, who will, and are feeling the biggest impact of the crisis, in the past have had little say or inclusion in these events (particularly young people).

People Pedal Power and #ride2COP26 wants to change this. We are creating a movement of individuals cycling towards COP26 in the weeks leading up to the important summit, with the aim to highlight the need for drastic climate action and sustainable transport as loud and undeniable as possible.

Because we, the people, have power!

Photo credit: trtworld.com
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